Afrimalt is adored by people across the continents for its great taste, finest quality ingredients, vitamins, iron and nutrients that provide real goodness. Afrimalt is the brand that fuels your rise everyday, everywhere.
Afrimalt is brewed with only the finest ingredients; Barley, Malt extract, Caramel, Hops, water, several vitamins & minerals, etc. It remains the favourite Malt drink in Africa for Goodness, Energy & Vitality.
For those who desire a vibrant lifestyle, Afrimalt is the brand of choice, full of life, full of nourishment.
Afrimalt…Brewed like no other…




Afrimalt™ Natural, delicious and non-alcoholic – malt drink. The beneficial malt drink.  Fresh, vitalised and non-alcoholic. It is the ideal drink for sportingly active persons.  No wonder:  In the end it deletes the thirst and animates the energy. Afrimalt delivers vital vitamins and mineral materials.  The lively malt drink of B vitamin valuable for the connoisseur, natural dextrose as well as calcium and magnesium.  A malt drink for the large enjoyment. Afrimalt comes in a luxurious 500ml glass bottle.

Water, Barley Malt, Sugar, E150c, Carbon Dioxide, Hops Extract

Recyclable Packing


Typical Values Typical values 100 ml
Energy 227 kJ / 53 kcal/100 ml
Protein 0,5 g/100 ml
Carbohydrates 12,2 g/100 ml
of which Sugars 11,6 g/100 ml
Fat: <0,001g/100 ml
Sodium: <0,001 g/100 ml
Vitamin B2 0,03mg/100 ml
Biotin: <1mg/100 ml


Afrimalt will proudly support any great cultural, charitable and community organizations and events! Sponsoring programs, events and organizations are just some of the ways we will support and give back to the communities we serve. We are committed to being more than just a brewer of great nonalcoholic malt drink. If you have an event coming up that you would like Afrimalt to be a part of, please fill email:


Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Afrimalt?

A. Afrimalt is an alcohol free malt beverage,One primary difference is that alcohol free malt beverage is sweet and always dark in colour. They are similar to a soft drink. In some part of the world they are simply called malta. Afrimalt is a premium international malt drink that is both sparkling and made from natural malt. It contains no artificial colours, additives, or preservatives.

Q. Does Afrimalt contain alcohol?

A. No. At no stage of the production process is alcohol created or used.

Q.Where is Afrimalt Distributed?

A. Afrimalt will be available worldwide.

What is Malt?

Malt is known for its nutritional value. It contains carbohydrates and is processed from grains usually barley. The malt used in Afrimalt provides a smooth, silky light and malty flavour.

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