Malt Bear

Afrimalt is a great tasting, non-alcoholic malt beverage that is nourishing and packed with vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin C and B complex. It can be consumed at any time of the day but is a great energy booster after a workout and also helps to recharge your body after a strenuous working day.

The leaders drink the leaders drink!!!

His Excellency - The Afrimalt!

Afrimalt™ Natural, delicious and non-alcoholic – malt drink.The beneficial malt drink.Fresh, vitalised and non-alcoholic.

It is the ideal drink for sportingly active persons. No wonder: In the end it deletes the thirst and animates the energy. Afrimalt delivers vital vitamins and mineral materials. The lively malt drink of B vitamin valuable for the connoisseur, natural dextrose as well as calcium and magnesium.A malt drink for the large enjoyment.

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